Watch before it's gone: Full-length bootleg Man of Steel trailer

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Jul 4, 2015, 4:25 PM EDT

We already got a sneak peek at Superman: Man of Steel via the recent teasers attached to The Dark Knight Rises, but now a bootleg copy of the full trailer has leaked online. Check out the awesome Super-action before it's gone!

The quality is a little iffy, seemingly taken with a hidden camera at a test screening, but it offers our first look at some of the massive action set pieces we can expect when Man of Steel opens in 2013. The action looks positively epic.

Henry Cavill is an interesting pick for Superman, but he could be a good fit. Though the footage is brief, Russell Crowe looks like he was made to play Jor-El.

Check out the trailer below, fast-like, before it gets yanked:

(Via YouTube)