WATCH: Jamal Igle on how the Black Panther movie will change everything

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Oct 31, 2018, 4:42 PM EDT (Updated)

Ryan Coogler's Black Panther is poised to strike theaters on Feb. 16, and there's a razor-sharp interest in Marvel's first black superhero and his debut solo shot on the silver screen.

How fans accept and relate to the noble King of Wakanda could have huge reverberations throughout the entertainment world, and that fact is weighing heavily on many creative types' minds.

One of those creators is Jamal Igle, the dynamic comic book artist whose work appears in titles like Molly Danger, Supergirl, and Black. He's anxiously waiting to see Black Panther claw its way up the box-office charts this winter.

Giving society's young black children a Batman-like hero of their own is of paramount importance to Igle, as it could further spur the resurgence of interest in other Hollywood projects showcasing African-American crusaders, like The CW's upcoming Black Lightning.

In SYFY WIRE's exclusive chat with Igle, below, he explains why the Black Panther movie could potentially be a seismic shift in the way superhero flicks are perceived in literature, comics, and future films. This also goes for Igle's own indie comic series, Black, which has been optioned for a potential film or TV series by Sony's Studio 8.

Listen in, then let us know what you think and whether you're planning on helping Black Panther's box-office tally next month.

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