Watch James Marsters freak out as Stan Lee welcomes him to the Marvel family

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Nov 21, 2017

Thanks to his role as Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, James Marsters has been an important part of genre fandom for two decades. Thanks to his role as the co-creator of some of the most beloved characters of all time, Stan Lee's been an important part of the same fandom for much, much longer. Over the weekend at Australia's SuperNova convention, their worlds finally collided.

Marsters, who'd already been part of the DC Comics universe as a cast member on Smallville and taken on other sci-fi roles in Torchwood and Caprica, is co-starring in Hulu's upcoming Runaways series as Victor Stein, the supervillain father of Chase Stein, played by Gregg Sulkin. Lee did not create the Runaways (that honor goes to Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona), but he remains an important ambassador for Marvel Comics and all of its characters, so while Marsters spoke over the weekend, Lee came to the stage to thank him for joining a Marvel series.

"This guy is great, and wait'll you see his show, that's all I can tell you," Lee said to the crowd.

Lee then patted Marsters' shoulder and walked offstage. The crowd went wild, and as you can see by his face, so did Marsters. Check it out:

It's always nice when two nerd heroes collide, but Marsters was particularly delighted in this case, because he got to meet a hero of his own.

The first few episodes of Runaways is live now on Hulu.

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