Watch: James Ninness on his new comic John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction: Vault

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Jul 24, 2017

James Ninness is no stranger to working in the world of horror master John Carpenter. He previously worked on the Tales for Halloween Night books, but his new three-issue comic series John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction: Vault allows him to work in a slightly different genre.

In our San Diego Comic-Con interview below, Ninness says he drew inspiration for the series from a few familiar sources.

"Three of my favorite sci-fi horror stories are Alien, Event Horizon, and Sunshine," he explains to SYFY WIRE. "So when I got the opportunity to pitch a sci-fi horror book, those are the three influences that I immediately went to."

Ninness also tells us that he hopes he'll eventually get the chance to write another kind of horror story, this time for kids. Because kids need to be scared too, obviously. 

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