WATCH: James Tynion IV on how Mr. Oz's identity changes the DC Universe

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Oct 19, 2017, 1:25 PM EDT

SPOILER WARNING! Action Comics and Detective Comics spoilers below!

There are many machinations going on in the big buildup to DC's Doomsday Clock event in November, and one of them was the "earthshattering revelation" in Action Comics #987, and again in Detective Comics #965, that the mysterious Mr. Oz is in fact none other than Superman's father, Jor-El.

Detective Comics' writer James Tynion IV has imprisoned Tim Drake, aka Red Robin, inside Mr. Oz's dungeon, and in the first chapter of “A Lonely Place Of Living,” Drake faces a crossroads of either escaping the most diabolical prison ever conceived, or surrendering to an abyss beyond time and space for all eternity. Not much of a choice!

As you can see in our New York City Comic Con interview below, SYFY WIRE chatted with Tynion on the big reveal of the identity of Mr. Oz, the core of Dan Jurgens' "The Oz Effect" storyline in Action Comics, how Jor-El will now dovetail into the greater scope of the DC Universe, and how these reverberations will "rattle the entire Bat-family and cast of Detective Comics."