Watch: Jamie Foxx’s Little John does a mean medieval sensei in new Robin Hood trailer

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Jul 17, 2018, 3:49 PM EDT

One thing’s clear from the two trailers we’ve seen so far for director Otto Bathurst’s sumptuous, superhero-like take on the classic English vigilante who steals from the rich and gives to the poor: this is not your father’s Robin Hood.

This is the sexier, faster-twitchy Robin Hood, a CGI-heavy, vista-filled adventure that, if you squint enough, might begin looking an awful lot like a DC/Bruce Wayne period piece. The first trailer gave us a glimpse at the principal characters and the overall modern mood of the thing; now, in the second clip, the characters — particularly Jamie Foxx’s Little John and Ben Mendelsohn’s Sheriff of Nottingham — begin to come into their own.

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Played by Taron Egerton (Eggsy from the Kingsman movies), the cloaked and hooded Robin skulks around in a decidedly more densely populated middle ages than the more historically representative settings past films have emulated, keeping his identity secret amid an urban throng of friends, foes, and admirers — while engaging in some pretty Batman-worthy bow-and-arrow CQC.

Then there’s Robin’s almost grasshopper-like relationship with Foxx’s worldly, seasoned sensei of a Little John, learning the ropes before L.J. permits Robin to begin his proper thieving. As Robin, Egerton’s good for the superhero role, dropping occasional Tony Stark-like wisecracks while staying on the endearing side of his everyman role.

Though it feels a little spoiler-y, even for a story whose broad strokes are well known, the trailer also shows Robin taking the inside man route with the sheriff of Nottingham (played by Mendelsohn with the same icy, loathesome suaveness he brought to his evil Director Krennic in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), infiltrating the power structure while boosting the sheriff’s apprehension at the anonymous hooded one’s growing legend among the sheriff’s subjects.

As you can see, the new Robin Hood packs more of a wallop than past retellings. It’s not your lilting game of cat and mouse in the sparsely-populated woods, where the deer outnumber the people. Rather, it’s a tableau of conflicts large and small in a well-developed, busy, and economically fraught society ripe for revolution at the appearance of a populist savior like Robin. 

Co-produced by Leonardo DiCaprio for Lionsgate's Summit Entertainment, Robin Hood and his merry band will steal into theaters beginning this November 21.