Watch Jared Leto respond to those rumors that he's playing The Joker

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Nov 20, 2014

What did the Oscar winner say when asked about rumors that he'll be the new Clown Prince of Crime?

We've heard Jared Leto's name mentioned around superhero movies quite a bit this year. Fresh off an Academy Award for his work in Dallas Buyers Club, the actor has a lot of options in Hollywood, and he's been rumored as a contender for both Doctor Strange (a role now most strongly associated with the still-unconfirmed Benedict Cumberbatch) and now The Joker, who would reportedly make his first appearance in the new DC Comics movie universe in 2016's Suicide Squad. Reports of Leto's Suicide Squad involvement are still unconfirmed, but what does Leto himself think about the rumors?

While speaking with MTV about a new documentary series that follows his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, Leto was asked if there's any truth to reports that he's on board as the Joker. He began his answer by referencing one of his most famous films, Fight Club, then went on to explain why he's really not in a big hurry to jump back into acting. Check it out:

So ... it's not a yes, but it's also certainly not a no. We've heard the "I wouldn't do it unless it was special" refrain before, from stars who've ultimately boarded projects, but perhaps this is Leto's way of saying he's biding his time and hasn't made a decision yet. Then again, maybe he's never even considered playing the Joker, and just wanted to have a little fun with us. 

What do you think? Is Leto really in the running for the role?

(Via MTV)

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