WATCH: Jason Blum and Christopher Landon on filming Happy Death Day scenes over and over...

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Mar 26, 2021, 6:00 AM EDT (Updated)

In Happy Death Day, spoiled sorority girl Tree wakes up with the world's worst hangover: She keeps living out the same day, over and over, and it only ends with her brutal murder. Like Groundhog's Day for the horror set, Happy Death Day finds a sense of humor about a strange and deadly situation.

In our interview below, producer Jason Blum and director Christopher Landon talk about why this film was so exciting for them, even when it required filming the same scenes over and over and over and over.

Check it out, then let us know if you'll be going back again and again when Happy Death Day opens this Friday the 13th.

Alyse Wax contributed to this story.