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Watch Jason Momoa practice his Aquaman trident throw on The Tonight Show

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Dec 7, 2018, 11:27 AM EST

Jason Momoa takes his portrayal of Aquaman very seriously, and we can see that in how the actor and the charater are tied together. They share a similar kind of fighting spirit, a sense of humor and, it turns out, they're both pretty good with a trident.

Momoa was a guest on The Tonight Show Thursday to promote both Aquaman and his hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and host Jimmy Fallon decided to see just how good Momoa's trident-handling skills really are. As with just about everything on Fallon's show, it became a game that's a bit like giant darts, with a massive picture of Ocean Master subbing in for the dart board. Momoa and Fallon each got three somewhat rudimentary tridents, and that's when Momoa really started to get into it, removing his jacket and his shoes for the contest. 

Fallon managed at least one good throw and ripped into Ocean Master, but Momoa showed some serious prowess with the weapons, stepping as far back as he could on the Tonight Show stage to really get the momentum going, and even letting out a few battle cries in the process. It's fun to watch as an audience member, but imagine standing on the receiving end of a few of these throws. 

This isn't the first time Momoa's showed off his trident skills, either. Last year, while promoting Justice League, he brought the "quindent" he used from that film to The Graham Norton Show to give it a little twirl. Maybe the time Aquaman is in theaters he'll be staging live dueling demonstrations on The Late Show or something.

Aquaman opens nationwide December 21.