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Watch: Jet suit takeoff is soaring, real-life imitation of Stark Industries tech

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Nov 12, 2018, 11:30 AM EST

Iron Man and War Machine may still be a step or two ahead of the rest of us when it comes to jet-suit acrobatics, but if anyone on the real-world side of the MCU is destined to one day catch up with Tony Stark in midair, it’s bound to be this group of tech-savvy daredevils.

In a new teaser trailer for upcoming documentary LOFT: The Jetman Story, Swiss pilot Yves Rossy and his fearless friends suit up to demonstrate a new milestone in the world of personal flight: taking off into the ether from a land-based start.

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While gravity still plays a vital role, giving the self-styled “jetmen” an assist in getting airborne as they leap from a purpose-built ramp into the depths of a Norwegian chasm, the filmmakers describe the moment as “an extraordinary step towards completely autonomous personal flight.” And considering we’re still in the earliest days of jet-powered wing suits, these killer images of dudes risking their lives to transform into human-scaled F-16s look plenty extraordinary indeed.

This isn’t the only campaign going in the race to give people direct access to the skies from their back porch. Just last year, SYFY WIRE caught up with Gravity Industries founder Richard Browning, whose Daedalus flight suit even incorporates a Friday-like heads-up display. 

But Rossy, a military-trained pilot and paraglider who’s been working more than two decades toward a moment like this, makes the reality of personal takeoff and landing tantalizing close. Featuring Rossy and teammates Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen, LOFT: The Jetman Story is currently in production, with a release date soon to be announced.