Watch Jim Lee talk about Action Comics #1000 and Doomsday Clock

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Oct 13, 2017, 4:00 PM EDT

DC Metal isn't the only big thing going on in the DC Universe at DC Comics. While we see the effects of Metal taking place in the DCU and what is being spun out of it, another big story is on the horizon. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are amped up to be bringing Doomsday Clock to the comic racks, which will merge the DCU with the universe of Watchmen. Also, we cannot forget that DC is hitting a major publishing milestone, with the oversized issue Action Comics #1000, written by Pete Tomasi and Dan Jurgens and loaded with an all-star roster of artists, due out March 2018.

"We don't want it to be just a collectible because it hit #1,000. We actually want to make it more than an anniversary issue," DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee told SYFY WIRE. "It's actually the first issue of a big arc that resets or redefines Superman in a very unique way."

"We want there to be a tagline underneath that says, 'You'll never believe what happens to Superman' and (what that actually is) that’s what we feel will drive people to the stores, and really help drive the sales of that book up."

Lee stopped by the SYFY Wire interview studio at New York Comic Con 2017 to talk about Action Comics #1000, how personal of a story Doomsday Clock is and how it's more than just an event by unlocking other stories for down the road. He tests how many variants of an issue is too much and he delves into what Johns and Frank are doing with Doomsday Clock from a creative standpoint.

Check out the interview below and let us know if you plan on picking up either or both landmark events.


Additional reporting by Ernie Estrella.