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Watch: Jim Sturgess and Agyness Deyn on Hulu's Hard Sun

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Feb 26, 2018, 4:41 PM EST (Updated)

Who says there's nothing new under the sun?

Hulu's new sci-fi drama Hard Sun is a hybrid series where crime thriller meets science fiction in a pre-apocalyptic London. This six-part co-production between the BBC and Hulu stars Agyness Deyn and Jim Sturgess as detectives attempting to keep order as an impending global catastrophe threatens to destroy civilization. The pair of at-odds cops have discovered a flash drive that provides mathematical evidence that the world will end in exactly five years, and they must dodge hostilities and horrors to try and save humanity.

"I think by page five (of the script), I sort of knew I wanted to be a part of it, purely on the introduction of the two characters," recalls Sturgess in our interview above. "It was like no introduction of two leading characters I'd never seen or read before, so I was really excited about that."



"Even though we're at odds personally, and the secretive underbelly of what's going on between us, we actually do have... at the end, after all the mess... the same viewpoint," added Deyn. "And you kind of discover that, but we just have different ways of getting there. Once we find out about this impinging doom, we're the only people that want to know about it that's still alive, and that brings us together," added Deyn.

SYFY WIRE sat down with Deyn and Sturgess to hear how this fiery concept first came about, to understand the friction and dynamics between their two characters, and to learn how the dire secrets of the potential extinction level event binds them together. So check out the interview above, and Part 2 below, then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Hulu's Hard Sun premieres on Mar. 7.

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