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Watch John Boyega eat a giant bug to avoid revealing his Star Wars salary

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Mar 22, 2018, 11:14 AM EDT

John Boyega is doing quite well for himself, but he does not want to tell you exactly how well. In fact, he'll go to some pretty gross lengths to avoid the topic when it comes to Star Wars paychecks.

Boyega was on The Late Late Show With James Corden Wednesday night to promote his starring role in Pacific Rim: Uprising, and his appearance included one of the show's most popular game segments: A round of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts." The game is relatively simple: You have a choice between answering a surprise question from host Corden or from another guest (in this case, Santa Clarita Diet star Drew Barrymore) or eating something gross instead. That's it. Just answer the question and you don't have to eat a fish eyeball, or drink a glass of bird saliva, or in Boyega's case, eat a giant water scorpion.

What rather complicates the game is that the questions are not only a surprise to the contestants, but also quite delicate if you're a celebrity trying to promote a product. Barrymore, for example, was asked to rank several of her male co-stars from most to least talented. When Boyega's first turn came around, he was placed in a tricky situation: He could avoid eating the water scorpion if only he revealed to the entire audience how much money he's made from the last two Star Wars films. So now we have footage of John Boyega eating a bug on national television.

It's not clear if Boyega simply didn't want to divulge that kind of information to such a large audience, or if he can't for various contractual reasons. Whatever the case, he took his crunchy snack in stride, even throwing out a couple of Lion King quotes in the process. 

He also managed to claim some measure of victory later in the game, when he was faced with eating jellyfish or answering yet another of Barrymore's questions. This time, Boyega was asked to tell the story of the last time he drank so much that he threw up. His simple, mic drop response:

"I don't drink."

Pacific Rim: Uprising, a film John Boyega ate a bug for, is in theaters Friday.