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WATCH: John Byrne shares his favorite story from his run on Superman

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May 10, 2018, 6:27 PM EDT (Updated)

In the '80s, DC Comics wanted one of the best comic creators in the world to completely reinvent Superman for the modern age. This was a job for John Byrne, a writer and an artist who had already become a legend within the industry by 1986. Byrne made the leap from Marvel to DC and rebooted Superman's entire history, starting with the six-issue Man of Steel miniseries. Byrne's run paved the way for the next three decades of Superman stories.

When SYFY WIRE's Mike Avila recently caught up with Byrne, he had a surprising pick for his favorite Superman story from his run. It was "Metropolis 900 Mi.," a backup story from Superman #9 that didn't even feature Superman at all! Instead, the focus fell squarely on Lex Luthor, whom Byrne had re-imagined as the wealthiest person in the world. Prior to the reboot, Luthor was just a criminal mastermind/mad scientist type, but this incarnation of the character was even more insidious.

Superman 9 Lex Luthor backup
Within the space of a few pages, Luthor invades the life of a waitress named Jenny Hubbard and offers her a, shall we say, indecent proposal. In return for Jenny's companionship for a month, Luthor offered her $1 million. But she would have to abandon her husband, and Luthor only gave her 10 minutes to respond.

The conclusion of this tale furthered Luthor's evolution into a villain with more real-world motives, even if he was a huge jerk about it. Superman #163 followed up with Jenny several years later, but that's not the sequel that Byrne wanted to tell. In the video below, Byrne tells us exactly how Jenny's reunion with Luthor would have gone if he had written it.