Halloween's John Carpenter & Jason Blum In Conversation (Crossover)

WATCH: John Carpenter and Jason Blum on Halloween, horror, and more

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Oct 14, 2018, 6:02 PM EDT

For many, the original Halloween is a film they revisit every year. Decades may have passed, but it remains a horror classic. Now the story is continuing in the similarly named sequel Halloween, and SYFY WIRE spoke with director of the 1978 film John Carpenter and producer for the new 2018 film Jason Blum to find out more.

When it came to this return to Halloween, Blum recognized how many fans the original still has 40 years later. He said it felt like the right time to reinvent it, but he knew he wouldn’t move forward without Carpenter.

“I remember when we were talking, I said it’s probably going to get made with or without us. It will be better if you and I get in there, and I’m not doing it without you, and so that was kind of how it started,” Blum explained.

Is there a formula for making a great horror film, though? For both Blum and Carpenter it comes down to story. It doesn’t matter if a film has great scares if the story doesn’t work on its own. That’s one of the areas on which the two agree, along with how Jamie Lee Curtis knew exactly how to play the character Laurie Strode back in the original and still does now. Where the two disagree is on whether more money or less money is better for making a film.

“Having more money and more time, that’s great. It’s the greatest,” Carpenter said.

The two also discuss the success of the original Halloween, the success of Blum’s Paranormal Activity, the role of music in horror, and more. You can watch the entire conversation between Carpenter and Blum below. If you’re looking forward to Halloween, tell us why in the comments!

Additional reporting by Lisa Granshaw.