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comic book great John Romita Jr. drawing in his home 

Watch: John Romita Jr. draws Batman

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Aug 21, 2017, 1:40 PM EDT (Updated)

For a guy whose name has basically been synonymous with Marvel for decades, John Romita Jr. has certainly made himself at home at the Distinguished Competition. From his first work on Superman to his powerful partnership with superstar writer Scott Snyder on All-Star Batman and now his contributions to Dark Nights Metal, Romita has made the late-career switch to DC look easy.

When the comics great sat down with SYFY WIRE for a wide-ranging discussion on his career (including a fun detour about his role in creating Dazzler), he was happy to not only talk about his countless projects and how his art has evolved into his own signature style but also to show us how he works. Even though his studio was undergoing some renovation, Romita offered to do a quick Batman sketch at his kitchen table ... that is, he offered to draw when he wasn't cracking jokes about his celebrity doppelganger and other topics.

In between lightning-fast pencil work, the easygoing icon also shared with us insight into how he approaches storytelling (seriously, young artists looking to break into comics need to pay close attention to what he says in this video). Aside from that valuable advice, he explains how he acquired his famous nickname, "JRJR."

Watch the video and let us know what you think!

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