Watch John Williams score the opening scene of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Dec 14, 2015

Some very cool footage has surfaced of the great composer at work on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. There might be slight spoilers ahead.

As Hollywood prepares for tonight's world premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a new extended set of outtakes from a 60 Minutes feature on the film focuses on the legendary John Williams as he actually conducts the orchestra during the scoring sessions for the movie. 

A portion of this aired as part of the CBS news show's broadcast segment on the movie, but this new material lets us linger in the studio as Williams scores the opening scenes of Chapter VII in the Star Wars saga -- the first scenes right after the main title and opening scroll.

Williams, of course, is as much a part of Star Wars history as Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and the other returning stars, having scored all six of the previous movies while creating some of the most iconic movie music of all time. We have not heard much yet of the work he's done on the new film, but the video below should give you at least a taste of what he's got in store.

The video also features footage of director J.J. Abrams in the editing bay working on a scene and discussing how the sounds of the new droid BB-8 were developed, and you can see some slivers of footage that Abrams is working on. It's nothing really revelatory, but be warned in case you want to keep yourself completely footage-free in these last few days before the movie opens and all hell breaks loose.

This is it, folks. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has its world premiere tonight in Los Angeles, so I would advise you to stay offline completely if you don't want to hear any reactions good, bad or otherwise. Attendees have also been asked nicely by Disney to avoid letting spoilers fly, but you might want to be wary of the errant person on Twitter or elsewhere who doesn't comply. 

Following the premiere, public showings begin Thursday night (December 17) and the movie officially opens on Friday (December 18).

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