Watch: Jon Rivera on the DC Comics' Young Animal series Cave Carson

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Apr 14, 2017, 1:09 PM EDT

Comic writer Jon Rivera is tackling DC’s Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye series under the Young Animal imprint, so we asked him all about updating the little-known character for the modern era.

Before being approached to take on the series, Rivera said he’d actually never even heard of Cave Carson — and that freedom was actually something that intrigued him. He said they’re trying to turn the book into something that’s tonally complex, and he’s found influences everywhere from Wes Anderson films to John Carpenter’s The Thing along the way. Of course, there was no way we could leave the art team out of the conversation. Mike Avon Oeming's art and Nick Filardi's colors really set the tone with sumptuous visuals, making it one of the best-looking books on the stands.

In the future, Rivera wants to expand the supporting cast in the coming issues, and bring some original comic characters back into the fold. He couldn’t say much, but Rivera promised some “really crazy” stuff to come. 

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think: