Watch Jonathan Frakes' return to the Star Trek director's chair in Discovery

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Jan 6, 2018, 1:17 PM EST

We've known for a while that Jonathan Frakes would be directing an episode of Star Trek: Discovery for some time now, and we also know he's mentioned that Trek will explore the "Mirror, Mirror" universe. We don't know if that means he's directing a "Mirror, Mirror"-style episode, since Frakes also said his episode is very "Klingon-heavy."

The episode, titled “Despite Yourself,” is Discovery's midseason premiere, and CBS All Access has released video of Frakes on set in anticipation of his Discovery directorial debut.

We haven't spotted any Klingons in the footage, but there may be a few hints here if you look hard enough, and if nothing else, we're always happy to see Frakes in Star Trek. He looks so at home.

Star Trek: Discovery returns for six episodes on January 7.

(via io9)