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WATCH: Josh Brolin on Cable's convoluted history and saying no to Goonies 2

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May 18, 2018, 6:26 PM EDT (Updated)

It's safe to say that Josh Brolin has completed his penance for Jonah Hex, in full.

Now that fans can see his performance as Cable in the freshly debuted Deadpool 2, alongside his acclaimed portrayal of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, Brolin can sit back and enjoy what should be a fun summer watching his salary quote rise with each report of the box office for these films. Next up for the actor? Prepping for X-Force, the next film in which he'll play Nathan Summers, aka Cable. It's the second film in his four-film contract to play the fan favorite, and marks a major career departure.

Brolin has largely avoided repeating himself during his long career. Sure, he's appeared in movies like Men In Black 3, but that was his first appearance in the franchise. So why would he commit to playing Cable in four films? Turns out he was fascinated by the character, confusing backstory and all. He also enjoyed the witty banter he and Ryan Reynolds established this time around.

"I thought it was really funny and irreverent," Brolin told SYFY WIRE during this recent interview in New York City. "Now that we have this volley established, this kind of Nick Nolte, Eddie Murphy volley, I can't wait to see it germinate and grow."

Brolin is of course referring to Nolte and Murphy's 1982 buddy-cop hit, 48 Hrs. He also told us he's excited to work with Drew Goddard, who's writing and directing the upcoming X-Force movie. Watch the interview to hear more from Brolin on why he's avoided sequels in the past, including numerous overtures to do The Goonies 2. His answer actually makes a lot of sense.

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