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WATCH: Josh Holloway is adjusting what he learned on Lost to step up on Colony

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May 2, 2018, 4:30 PM EDT

Josh Holloway came of age on the set of Lost, a show famous for keeping its fans — and actors — guessing as to what might happen next. The element of surprise became part of his process, which he has carried off the island and into a long variety of TV and film roles over the last decade.

"I was trained in a way where I don't want to know too much, because on Lost I really grew accustomed to using that as an actor," Holloway told SYFY WIRE in a recent sit-down interview. "I used the mystery and my own questions about what could happen."

That method of acting rubs up just a little bit against the responsibilities involved in his current role, as Will Bowman on USA's Colony. Because as helpful as the element of surprise might be to an actor, Holloway is now also a producer on the show, and that entails helping plan production and assisting people on set, which inevitably requires knowing at least some of what's going to happen next.

When he sat down with SYFY WIRE — which shares a parent company, NBCUniversal, with USA — Holloway was filled with secrets about the show's third season, which begins on Wednesday. The alien invasion series moved up to Vancouver after two seasons filming in L.A., because the family at the center of the production, the Bowmans, finished the second season by fleeing the walled city for the woods. The third season's production was filled with risky fishing scenes, face-to-face confrontations with bears and even more confusion for the Bowman family.

It also involved a few bruises for Holloway, thanks to his insistence on doing his own stunts.

"When you're out in the woods, I took many spills, but that's just part of the job and par for the course," he said, laughing. "Unfortunately, sometimes my co-star follows me into the wrong places. [Co-star Sarah Jane Callies] is athletic as hell and completely capable but a lot of times I'm in the lead and she's behind me because I'm protecting her as her husband. Sometimes I don't walk a path before I film it and this last time, I just took off and disappeared into a field of grass. My co-star disappears on top of me... and we land in a hidden creek. She was fine, because she landed on top of me."

Watch the full interview below.