Watch Jurassic Park's iconic raptor scene ... recut with giant, killer kittens

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Mar 7, 2014

It’s one of the most memorable scenes in Jurassic Park, and now it’s been given a whole new lease on life thanks to these adorably huge, bloodthirsty kittens.

You know the scene: when the kids take shelter in a lab, hiding out from the raptors prowling the room, stalking their every move. Well, now imagine that instead of raptors, they’re hiding from gigantic, kid-eating kittens. Hey, they can both be terrifying, assuming you have allergies.

YouTubers We Are Camera Studio decided to make this dream a reality, and the result is the hilariously weird mashup clip below, which splices in movie footage with re-created live action shots of kittens prowling through the room.

Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds:

(Via Movies.com)

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