Watch: Justice League Action cast and producers explain why the series works

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Jan 8, 2019, 11:00 AM EST (Updated)

Are you frustrated in the way that live television and feature films have to slog through exposition and origins all of the time? We can all agree that we rarely get to see deeper cuts of heroes and villains in these media too. Hello again, Lex Luthor. Why yes, let’s prepare for yet another origin of the Fantastic Four. Then, when you FINALLY see a character you’ve been longing for in the live-action medium, it always seems like such a compromise in their eventual adaptation (see nearly all of the X-Men movies).

That’s what makes what Justice League Action is able to accomplish in each 11-13 minute episode so incredible. They are stuffing in more variety, nailing the essence of each character, and offering more over-the-top superhero action in the same time as one of Zack Snyder slow-motion sequences. They know what makes Superman, Wonder Woman and even Dr. Fate tick and they go for it, right away. Yet, nothing as far as character or story suffers. It’s the equivalent to a one-inch punch from Bruce Lee and it's still early enough to get in on the bottom floor.

We spoke to Rachel Kimsey (voice of Wonder Woman/Princess Diana), P.J. Byrne (voice of Firestorm/Ronnie Raymond) and producer Butch Lukic about why they’re able to succeed despite the shorter format, how Justice League Action is adding to Wonder Woman’s big year, and also what’s in store in future episodes.

Check out the video below and let us know if you're watching and what you think about Justice League Action.

Syfy Wire interviewed the cast and crew of Justice League Action at Wondercon and explained why their show works and why their version of Wonder Woman kicks ass.

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