Watch: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad writer on making a DC Comics 'blockbuster'

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Nov 8, 2016, 1:33 PM EST

Fresh off the Rebirth relaunch, DC Comics is gearing up for the event series Justice League vs. Suicide Squad — and we caught up with the man making it happen to find out what fans can expect.

Josh Williamson, who is writing Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, opened up to us about all the things he wants to explore with the series. He said his approach was to make the comic book equivalent of a “big summer movie, a disaster movie,” that brings these two groups together. The catalyst will apparently be the Justice League’s realization that the Suicide Squad is operating out there in the shadows, and the League steps in to put a stop to it.

Williamson promised the Wonder Woman vs. Harley Quinn (spoiler: it involves motorcycles) faceoff fans have been wanting to see, plus a particularly brutal fight between Aquaman and Killer Croc. He also dropped a few teases about the shocking promo art from the series (see above), which features Batman and Harley Quinn as the only ones left standing to face off against a mystery threat. Williamson said the real question is exactly what they’re looking at off the page, which is apparently capable of taking out the League and Squad all at once.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad arrives this December.

Check out our interview below and let us know what you think: