WATCH: Keith David discusses world's longest fight scene in John Carpenter's They Live

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Nov 5, 2017, 5:17 PM EST

John Carpenter's They Live is perhaps even more relevant and poignant today than when it was first released in 1988. And as its fanbase continues to grow almost 30 years after its release, star Keith David (Frank) still gets fans mentioning it to him.

Starring Roddy Piper, David, and Meg Foster, They Live is a science fiction horror film about aliens disguising themselves as the ruling class on Earth. Piper (Nada) finds sunglasses that enable him to see through the disguises to what lies beneath. Like many genre films, They Live is a commentary on society that (unfortunately) has only become more relevant with time.

Since 1988, They Live has also become a cult classic, but one particular moment is especially memorable. An epic fight scene between Piper and David's characters took up five script pages and three weeks of practice. Plus, the scene continuously lands on lists of best fights in cinema history.

SYFY WIRE reminisced with David and producer Larry Franco about John Carpenter, the epic fight scene in They Live, and their memories working with Piper (who passed away in 2015).

Additional reporting by Heather Mason.