Watch: Kelly Sue DeConnick on Captain Marvel's costume and how Bitch Planet was born

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Dec 18, 2017, 1:18 PM EST (Updated)

Kelly Sue DeConnick is hailed as one of the premiere minds and talents in the comics industry, being the brilliant creator behind Bitch Planet, the mastermind behind the evolution of Captain Marvel, and a fearless champion for complex, multifaceted female characters who are much more than just "sexy lamps."

In SYFY WIRE's continuing conversation with the prolific writer and her husband, Matt Fraction (Sex Criminals), DeConnick races through a number of nerdy topics, including her reactions to Brie Larson wearing the flashy Captain Marvel costume for her upcoming 2019 feature film, her deep affection for women in prison and women's revenge movies, and how one of her "sweater thread" story ideas eventually became the beloved Bitch Planet.


Additional material by Jeff Spry.