Watch: Kelly Sue Deconnick tells the whole story behind Captain Marvel's redesigned costume

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Mar 26, 2021, 7:00 PM EDT (Updated)

One of the many signature contributions that Kelly Sue Deconnick has made to the comics world took place in 2012 when she evolved Carol Danvers from Ms. Marvel into the mantle of Captain Marvel.

Deconnick and Danvers were an inseparable pair for four years, defining much of the source material that will be mined for the Captain Marvel feature film starring Brie Larson. But did you know that Deconnick had a role in coming up with Danvers’ more functional threads, which has defined Captain Marvel’s look for the present and the future?


Deconnick humbly defers most of the credit to artist Jamie McKelvie (The Wicked + The Divine) and Stephen Wacker, who was an editor at Marvel Comics at the time, before moving on to their Animation department and now their Television and New Media group. But Deconnick told SYFY WIRE a great story of how the Captain Marvel uniform was originally going to be produced in-house at Marvel... but the Bitch Planet creator had other thoughts.

"They showed me some designs and I did not like them," Deconnick started out. "I asked if it would be possible if Jamie could do the design."


McKelvie created a costume that reflected her character and background in the military with the shoulder stripes; he also took elements of her previous looks like her red waist sash when Danvers' code name was Warbird and Ms. Marvel and integrated that as well. At the time, Danvers was also given a hairdo that put her hair up in a call back to the Kree warrior helmets.

Check out the full story as told by Deconnick in the video above and let us know where the outfit ranks amongst your favorite Marvel superhero costumes.

Additional reporting by Ernie Estrella.