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WATCH: Kevin Smith tells us why he hasn't directed an episode of Arrow

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Dec 6, 2018

Casual fans of Arrow may not realize it, but there was a time when DC had killed off Oliver Queen and installed his son, Connor Hawke, as the new Green Arrow. In 2001, Kevin Smith and artist Phil Hester relaunched Green Arrow and resurrected Oliver Queen, and parts of this run have already been incorporated into The CW’s Arrow. Smith has even been a frequent guest director on Supergirl and The Flash... and yet somehow, Arrow still eludes him. SYFY Wire recently spoke with Smith and he told us why he may not be able to bring his Green Arrow experience to bear.

"I believe there's folks over at Green Arrow [that] don't like me," explained Smith. "But to be fair, I'm always told that 'Kevin, you wouldn't like Arrow anyway. It's a lot of night shooting and it's very dark.' They said there’s no room for levity... Humor is the one arrow in my quiver, but from what I understand, that’s the one arrow that would be least welcome on that show."

Smith also related his communications with new Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz and his desire to bring his Green Arrow villain, Onomatopoeia, into the Arrowverse. Smith admitted that he even played into his heart attack in a bid to finally get his chance with Arrow. but so far he's only been met with polite rejection.

Additionally, Smith shared his perspective on the Supergirl TV series and his absolute admiration for the show's star, Melissa Benoist. Watch below!

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