WATCH: Khary Randolph sketch X-Men’s Storm

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Jan 8, 2019, 4:54 PM EST (Updated)

Marvel Comics artist Khary Randolph is mostly known for his work on Black Panther, Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider, Spidey, X-Men titles (such as The New Mutants), as well as creating the Inhuman Mosaic for Uncanny Inhumans #11, a black Marvel superhero given his own comic title the same year (2016). Randolph also produced some pretty kickass comic book covers for DC and worked on Tech Jacket Digital for Image Comics.

Randolph sat down with SYFY WIRE to take time to sketch X-Men character Storm (who happens to be one of the first Marvel characters he really fell in love with, and he reveals why), explaining his process in penciling the character as a left-handed artist and the various materials he prefers to work with. The artist also talked about working in animation, which demands a more logical approach to drawing, and how it influenced his comic book work. Randolph also reveals which X-Men artists are his favorites.

“With a character like Storm, I’m always thinking about the fact that she’s basically … I mean, she’s considered by her people as a goddess, so I’m always thinking about how can I make her as regal as possible,” Randolph told us about his approach to drawing the character. “When I have that in mind, I use that as a starting point. She’s not really a funny character; she’s really just … like you have to make her poised and regal, kind of like majestic all the times. She’s not looking down on you, but at the same time she should always be kind of holding her head up high.”

Randolph continued by explaining his approach to illustrating comic book covers, saying: “I try to not approach any two covers the same way depending on the book. So an art style I would use to draw Spider-Man is not the same art style I use to draw, say, Batman. So I usually try to let the subject matter define the kind of style I use and how I approach it.”

Additional material by Nathalie Caron.