WATCH: Kingsman stars on doing their own stunts and paying the price

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Sep 20, 2017, 4:00 PM EDT

It's a given that any film or television project with a comic book pedigree is going to require some sort of computer-generated wizardry to deliver the fantastical to the screen. Certain things just can't be captured effectively with practical filmmaking, like Doctor Strange casting a spell or Aquaman surfing a parademon into a building.

However, filmmaker Matthew Vaughn did his level best to capture as much of the action in his new movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, on camera as he possibly could. Vaughn told SYFY WIRE that a return to more tactile filmmaking is coming to cinema, which seems counter-intuitive when you consider the overload of CGI at the local multiplex nowadays. But he makes sense when he says that today's audience is starting to become numb to computer-generated spectacle and that seeing actual actors performing stunts carries more weight.

That's why about 80% of the wild car chase that kicks off the Kingsman sequel was shot with actual stunt cars and actors and stuntmen and not just done on green screen. Although, after hearing Taron Egerton detail the bumps and bruises he took during that sequence, we bet he wouldn't have minded some extra CGI.

Then there's Pedro Pascal, who steals the movie playing a bourbon-drinking, whipcracking Statesman agent codenamed 'Whiskey.' He went to Cowboy School to brush up on his lassoing. Check out the video interview below and hear what he had to say about that experience, as well as star Taron Egerton explaining how he and Channing Tatum accidentally roughed each other up.