Watch Kirkman explain how he 'tricked' his publisher into doing Walking Dead

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Dec 17, 2013, 6:00 PM EST

Thank goodness Robert Kirkman is a bit dishonest, because without this huge lie he told, we might’ve never gotten The Walking Dead.

Considering the fact that The Walking Dead is a worldwide phenomenon these days, it's easy to forget that it all started out as a long-shot comic book that most people didn’t think would survive a few months — much less a full decade.

But Kirkman spent quite a while toiling away trying to convince someone to publish his zombie book, though no one wanted to take the risk on something that was so unproven. That is, until he made up a huge alien twist and promised the publisher the zombies were all part of an invasion story.

Thankfully, the fib worked, and the publisher gave him the go-ahead to start writing. That little trick gave Kirkman enough time to crank out some issues and show people what he was aiming to make, and everyone fell in love with it before they realized the alien arc was total bunk.

Do you think a zombie twist would’ve killed the ‘book, or been a cool divergence from the universe we know and love?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)