Watch Kirkman walk us through the undead world of Walking Dead S4

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Aug 29, 2013

We still have a while to wait until we get to see the glorious return of AMC’s undead hit The Walking Dead, but series creator Robert Kirkman is here to ease the pain with a video tour of season four. Want to see?

It looks like things are changing quite a bit at the prison as Rick’s gang and the Woodbury refugees do a pretty good job of turning the place into a real-life community. From batteries to gardens and stables — the detail just keeps coming.

We can also glean that the prison will apparently continue to be a major part of season four (as we’d already assumed), because the producers have pumped in quite a bit of effort to revamp the set. So get comfy.

Grab hold of Kirkman’s hand and enjoy the walk — because it’ll have to tide us over until the season-four premiere on Oct. 13.

(Via Dread Central)