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WATCH: KISS on their Marvel Comics personas, horror/sci-fi influences, and ending on a rocking note

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Nov 1, 2018

For over 40 years, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have been touring the world as KISS, one of the most popular bands in music history. Now, along with current members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, KISS is on the road one last time for an epic farewell tour. But before KISS rocks out for good, they visited SYFY WIRE for an extended discussion about their music and influences — including some of our favorite genre fare.

As you can see either above or below, Simmons noted that his Demon persona was inspired by two Marvel Comics icons.

“These wings come from both Namor the Sub Mariner... which is really Roman backwards,” said Simmons, before delving into some serious minutiae about the character. "The other one is Black Bolt, who was the monarch of the Inhumans... Look, we all get bits and pieces of our childhood and where we’ve been [and] the stuff that means something to us...”

The band also touched upon the KISS comics, and why the Marvel comics are so important to them.

“The things I pass down [to my son] are Marvel comic books, specifically the KISS comics," said Simmons. "We poured our blood into the KISS comics, but KISS comics continue. Every month there are new KISS comics along. I give him [Marvel comics] because he should know the important stuff."

"We put our red blood into the first KISS comic," recalled Stanley, which was one of the most infamous promotional stunts of the era. And Stanley couldn’t resist making a joke about the band’s next comic.

"We're thinking of putting something into the yellow ink for the next comic,” said Stanley. “It was really a natural for us to get into comic books. And we did it initially in Howard the Duck. That's where we made our debut. which led to us having our own Marvel comics.”

For more KISS stories, check out the full rocking video. Then leave us a comment below about what KISS has meant to you!

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