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WATCH: Kristen Gudsnuk draws Henchgirl, Modern Fantasy and more

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May 13, 2020, 12:15 PM EDT (Updated)

Writer and artist Kristen Gudsnuk is the driving force behind Henchgirl, a comic book series that follows Mary Posa, who works for a supervillain as her day job — which she totally hates. Henchgirl started out as a webcomic before being published by Scouts Comics and is now collected as a trade paperback at Dark Horse.

Gudsnuk also happens to have two more projects in the works. First is Modern Fantasy to be published by Dark Horse, with the first issue slated for a June 27 release. While Gudsnuk is the artist, Rafer Roberts (The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong) will pen the comic series. The second is a Scholastic graphic novel titled Making Friends, out July 31.

The artist recently took some time out of her busy schedule for SYFY WIRE's Artists Alley series to draw Mary from Henchgirl, as well as characters from Modern Fantasy and Making Friends. Gudsnuk explained to us her creative process while breathing life into her characters on the page, which includes working with a blue pencil because it doesn’t show up as much on scanners, and using small (and perhaps cutest evah) anatomy dolls.

"I kind of usually jump around when I'm drawing," Gudsnuk told us. "And also when I'm drawing comics and stuff, I totally do this thing where I pencil part of it and then I get excited and I ink it before the rest. Sometimes it doesn't work out because I have to delete stuff, but it's fun."

The artist also explained that her main philosophy when drawing is to try to do things as fast as possible but as well as she can, but she'll put more of her resources to work when it's a hard thing or an important moment in the comic. Check out our video to see how Gudsnuk brings her comic characters to life.

Additional material by Nathalie Caron.

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