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WATCH: Krypton featurette explores how The House of El became the symbol of hope

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Mar 12, 2018, 9:35 PM EDT

Every major creator, at some point, wants to tell a Superman story. But what sort of story do you tell when you've finally got the reins? That's what Krypton executive producer David S. Goyer pondered -- and it happened while he was immersed in working on one Superman story already, as you can learn about in our exclusive video.

In the middle of production on 2013's Man of Steel, Goyer admits that his fascination with the alien-ness of the hero we know as Superman was what drove him to want to explore Kal-El's origins -- and led to the film's extended opening scene set entirely on Krypton. But the fascination wasn't over; Goyer eventually approached DC Entertainment's CCO, Geoff Johns, about telling a story that explored the planet of Kal-El's birth -- one that we don't often get to see much of in the typical Superman narrative. According to Johns, Goyer's primary goal was to depict "how the House of El became this symbol of hope and optimism" that fans know it as today.

When we pick up with Superman's grandfather, Seg-El, on Krypton, some 200 years before both Kal-El's birth and the destruction of his home planet -- the House of El isn't doing too well in terms of public opinion. In fact, Seg-El and his family have just been stripped of their house sigil (aka the Superman symbol) and declared "rankless." The series follows his journey toward bringing the House of El back to a more honorable standing.

Although Superman's family is one of the heavy focuses of the series, Krypton will also spend time with a name that fans probably know all too well by this point -- the House of Zod. Things get a little complicated between the two, due to the fact that Seg-El and Lyta Zod are currently in a secret romantic relationship. We're guessing the Zod family won't be too happy once that secret gets out.

Check out the full video, which teases a look at Season 1, the history of Superman as a comics character, behind-the-scenes peeks at filming, and more, then let us know if you'll be watching when Krypton premieres March 21 on SYFY.