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WATCH: Latinx creators on breaking barriers and inspiring others to tell stories

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Sep 26, 2018, 8:30 PM EDT

Breaking into creative fields is no easy task, and each person has their own path. Historically, minorities of all kinds face additional hurdles breaking in, and also getting their stories heard. However, things are moving in the right direction, with diversity of both creators and content becoming more prevalent.

New audiences are craving such content, technology is making self-published comics more viable and accessible, and with the help of social networking, it's easier for creatives to connect with their fans. There are no substitutes for the sweat equity and talent needed to succeed, but there is also no better time than now to test those waters and put the pen to paper, especially if you've got a story to tell burning inside of you.

In celebration of Latino Heritage Month, SYFY WIRE presents this esteemed panel of Latinx creators, sharing their experiences of breaking into creative fields, telling their stories, and tearing down walls that stand in their way. On hand were writer Adam Lance Garcia (Sons of Fire, The Green Lama), Lucasfilm artist Jaime Carrillo (Tales for a Halloween Night), actor Paula Garces (On My Block, Aluna), Storm King Comics artist Sergio Martinez (John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction), and AR/3D conceptual artist/illustrator Jorge Norgaard (John Carpenter's Tales of Science Fiction).

Check out the video, then let us know if you found this conversation enjoyable, inspirational, and/or helpful.

Latinx Sci-Fi Creators Roundtable 2018