Watch: Legendary comic artist ChrisCross draws Firestorm on the fly

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Feb 5, 2017, 1:00 PM EST

Ever wanted to watch a comic legend draw a classic DC Comics hero in real time? Well, we have you covered.

We caught up with comic artist ChrisCross and asked him to put together a sketch of his version of Firestorm while walking us through his creative process. The veteran artist shows us how he frames out a face and upper body, and noted he actually based his design of Firestorm loosely on his younger brother Jeremy. Oh, and the benefit of those flames on the top of the head? You don’t have to worry about drawing hair from panel to panel.

ChrisCross also talks about the subtlety most readers don't even notice in a sketch and sneaking in that subtlety. He also touched on some of his personal style choices and why he works swirls into the Firestorm design.

Check out an artist at work below.