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WATCH: Legendary Star Wars composer John Williams conducts The Last Jedi opening theme

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Jan 19, 2021, 2:12 PM EST (Updated)

A composer so legendary he’s the most Oscar-nominated person alive, John Williams has created the scores for, among many notable others, Superman, Jaws, and every Star Wars movie under the twin Tatooine suns.

Fortunately for all, Williams is coming back for Episode IX, but before that, his masterful work on The Last Jedi earned him yet another Oscar nomination yesterday. To celebrate, writer/director Rian Johnson posted a video of Williams recording the opening theme at Sony Studios.

Sure, we all know the fanfare by now, but watching a master work is always satisfying, no matter how familiar you are with the output.

Watch (and more importantly, listen):


The music is as impeccable, as always, but watching Williams conduct alongside the opening crawl of text that plays on the monitor in front of him is a beautiful peek behind the scenes into the franchise’s oldest hallmark. That certainly won't be going away once J.J. Abrams retakes the reins for the third trilogy's finale, Episode IX.

Maybe we’ll have to watch that video just one more time.

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