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WATCH: Legion (Season 1) in 2 minutes

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Apr 3, 2018, 3:30 PM EDT (Updated)

One of the weirdest, most innovative, and most awe-inspiring comic book television shows to ever come around, Legion returns for its second season tonight. Just in case you don't have time to watch all of its first season beforehand (although you should definitely watch it at some point), we're here with a video that will catch you right up.

Noah Hawley's insane trip through a previously unexplored corner of the X-Men universe has it all— paranoia, mental institutions, musical numbers, black and white sequences, and Jemaine Clement. Hawley brings the same visual and dramatic flair to the proceedings that he brought to all three seasons of the Fargo television show, and the result is something... well... something not so easy to sum up in two minutes. We did it anyway.

Take a look at our lightning-fast overview of Season 1 and be sure to check out Legion's Season 2 premiere tonight at 10PM on FX. If the first season is anything to go by, David Haller (Dan Stevens) and his crew are ready to resume one of the craziest rides genre television has offered us yet.