Watch: Let's meet the Doctor's new friends in the latest Doctor Who featurette

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Oct 11, 2018, 5:24 PM EDT

We’ve watched the premiere episode. We’ve learned about new showrunner Chris Chibnall’s vision for the series. Now, let’s look at the new companions for Doctor Who. (Or I guess they're less her companions and more her friends?)

In the latest featurette from Doctor Who, we look at the personalities of the Doctor’s latest group of companions friends who will be traveling with her through time and space this season. 

For the 11th season, the Doctor’s friends are police officer Yasmin Khan, aka Yaz (played Mandip Gill), retired bus driver Graham O'Brien (Bradley Walsh), and Graham’s step-grandson Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole).

When we first meet Yaz in the premiere episode, “The Woman Who Fell to Earth,” she’s a police officer in her second year of probation dealing with parking disputes who wants to do more, and work on something that will test her. Per Gill on the featurette: “I believe she’s probably wanted to be a police officer for a long time to change things.”

“She can keep her head cool in a situation that is dramatic, because of her occupation being a police officer,” said 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker

Added Gill: “Parking disputes are not her thing. Aliens are her thing.” 

Ryan, meanwhile, “is a sweet boy,” according to Cole. As Whittaker describes him: “He has that very enthusiastic youthfulness about him” that can trip him up sometimes. But although Ryan has some issues (including having a developmental coordination disorder called dyspraxia), he overcomes them.


“He doesn’t give up,” Cole notes of Ryan. 

Meanwhile, although Ryan loves his gran (or, grandmother, as we say here in the States), he “doesn’t see eye-to-eye” to her new husband, Graham. 

And although Ryan doesn’t see Graham as family, Walsh does note that Graham is looking out for Ryan. So, we can expect to see that dynamic evolve over the course of the next few episodes. 

And Whittaker adds that Graham “is definitely the most cautious of the three.” He’s also the most skeptical about the existence of aliens of the three, according to Walsh. 

“He’s just a normal bloke,” said Walsh. “And then he’s being teleported away somewhere to another time and another dimension.”

We’re definitely interested to see how each of these characters' distinct personalities and strengths play out through the new season. 

Doctor Who is currently on its 11th season. New episodes air Sundays on BBC America.