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WATCH SDCC: Lore Season 2 is scarier than ever... because it's real!

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Jul 27, 2018, 6:50 PM EDT

Lore freaked us out last season with possessed dolls, lobotomies, an accused witch thrown into the fire, and what could possibly be the most disturbing ritual ever to prevent someone on the edge of death from becoming a vampire. Now it’s about to get even freakier.

The podcast brainchild of Aaron Mahnke that emerged as a TV series on Amazon Prime last year is going to be even more chilling next season, if you ask executive producer Gale Ann Hurd and new showrunner Sean Crouch -- and we did just that at last weekend's San Diego Comic-Con.

“I think the great thing about the podcast is that it tells the most frightening stories because these are all true,” said Hurd in this exclusive SYFY WIRE interview.

Hurd and Crouch took the concept of bringing these stories to the screen even further by taking out the documentary aspect of it and allowing the story to tell itself.

“It distanced you of the primary story,” Hurd said in retrospect. “We wanted to change it this time and really focus on those characters.”

And in order to flesh out even more historical context, you can always listen to Mankhe’s podcast for a double dose of horror. Think Black Mirror, except that everything you can’t believe is happening before your eyes actually happened. 

By replacing the docuseries feel with scenes from the lives of villains and victims, Lore is going to suck you even further into a world of terrifying events that actually happened in this world -- though you’re probably going to wish they had only happened in some dark altverse after watching Season 2.

Check out the interview to learn plenty more about all the nightmare fuel in Season 2, dropping on Amazon Oct. 13.

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