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WATCH: Lorena Villarreal and Melina Matthews on Silencio, John Noble, and bilingual storytelling

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Nov 1, 2018, 8:09 PM EDT (Updated)

What would you do to get the power to turn back time? Director Lorena Villarreal has spent the last 20 years exploring that question while planning to make Silencio. Villarreal drew her inspiration for the story from the Mapimí Silent Zone in Mexico, and turned it into a sci-fi thriller that crosses cultural boundaries. When SYFY WIRE caught up with Villarreal earlier this month, she told us why she wanted this story to be bilingual.

"It's more common now to have two languages combined together [in film and TV]," said Villarreal. "I thought this happens in my everyday life. People coming over here, maybe their first language [is] now English, but the rest of the family's original is what they speak. So they speak both and it's seamless. In this case, the story was a foreigner going to Mexico, and I thought it would interesting... how would they adapt? And how would it work?"

Melina Matthews stars in the film as Ana, a woman who goes on a dangerous quest in the Zone of Silence to save her son's life. SYFY WIRE also spoke to Matthews about what drew her to the role.

"It was definitely reading the script and a combination between all of these genres. Thriller, sci-fi, drama," noted Matthews. "It was just a perfect mix and a great exploration of emotions. That was definitely the first thing that attracted me to the project."

Finally, Villarreal shared the bizarre story about how John Noble was cast in the film with a very freaky coincidence. Fringe fans are probably going to love this story (as well as our full interview with Noble)!

For more Silencio details from Villarreal and Matthews, check out the full video! Silencio is now playing in select theaters.

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