Watch: Luke Cage comic writer David F. Walker talks diversity, new series

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Apr 4, 2017

With Luke Cage enjoying a nice publicity bump thanks to the hit Netflix series, Marvel is looking to give ol’ Power Man his own solo comic. So, what can we expect?

David F. Walker has been writing Marvel’s excellent Power Man & Iron Fist run, but with that series coming to an end, Walker is set to make the jump to a solo Luke Cage series. Walker said he wants to make a comic that stands on its own in reference to the show, but noted there’s no shame in keeping some of the elements that worked well in that format (the show is great, after all). He said he hopes to strike a balance that appeals to fans of the show, but also fans of the character. The first arc will take Luke out of his comfort zone of New York City and drop him in the middle of New Orleans. 

We also asked Walker about the recent news out of Marvel that comic shops and retailers were blaming too much diversity for a drop in sales. He said the industry can’t spend too much time catering to legacy fans, because the industry will continue to shrink if they don’t grow the audience. He said he’d like to see publishers cater to younger readers, and get them engaged in the medium and reading at a young age.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think:

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