Watch: Luke Cage, the Power Man and Hero for Hire in 2 minutes

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Syfy Wire Staff
Aug 15, 2017

Of all the characters assembling to become the Defenders, Luke Cage has the most iconic powers: a science experiment gave him bulletproof skin and super strength -- easy, right? While that's the very basics of Power Man, this Hero for Hire has a rich history that starts with Blaxploitation and goes right up to the excellent Marvel Netflix series starring Mike Colter, who somehow walked out of a comic book and came to life.

Before Marvel's The Defenders hits Netflix on August 18, SYFY WIRE brings you Luke Cage's full history, including a little-known superpower that has to do with a certain accessory on his head. We apologize in advance for not saying "Sweet Christmas" during this video, but we couldn't possibly make it sound as cool as Colter does.

Check out Luke Cage's history, including his close connections to fellow Defenders Iron Fist and Jessica Jones, and the embarrassing way he started a relationship with the latter, all in the video below. Sweet Christmas, it's amazing.