Watch: Marguerite Bennett on taking on Batwoman, Wonder Woman’s 'queerness'

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Oct 6, 2016, 10:16 PM EDT

One of the big stories out of New York Comic Con was DC’s announcement that Marguerite Bennett would be taking on a new ongoing series starring Batwoman, so we caught up with her to find out what it’s all about.

Bennett opened up about inclusiveness in the comic industry at large, then dug into the plan for Batwoman. Bennett said Kate Kane will be tracking down baddies outside Gotham City and Batman’s jurisdiction, taking advantage of her black-ops military training and facing some “outrageous” challenges along the way. It sounds like she truly has a passion for the character, and here’s hoping that shines through when the new solo series launches next year.

She also touches on recent comments from DC Rebirth Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka about Diana's sexuality, and the confirmation she has had relationships with women in the past. Bennett said the revelation is a great step forward to make comics more inclusive for the LGBTQ community.

Check out the interview below and let us know what you think: