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Watch Mark Hamill diss his targeting device again in Last Jedi blooper reel

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Dec 17, 2018, 6:00 PM EST (Updated)

If there’s one thing Star Wars superfans wish they could’ve seen in The Last Jedi, it's hermit Luke Skywalker take one last ride in his trusty X-Wing.

Alas, the master Jedi did not resurrect the fighter in the film, preferring to leave it at the bottom of the Ahch-To sea while he Force projected himself across the universe to save Princess Leia and friends from imminent annihilation.

With The Last Jedi now out on Digital HD, 4K Blu Ray, Blu-Ray and DVD, Disney is doing its best to make up for that with the release of another blooper reel.  This one shows Skywalker’s real-life alterego, Mark Hamill, cracking wise in the cockpit of an X-Wing he commandeered from new trilogy hero Poe Dameron, played by Oscar Isaac.

“Now let me see if I can remember the controls,” quips the Star Wars legend. “Oscar isn’t seeing this, is he?”

Unfortunately, Oscar was too busy getting slapped 40 times by Carrie Fisher — at least in the gag reel released a couple of days ago (note to Poe: disobeying orders and leading a mutiny will do that).

Pretending to address R2D2, usually stationed in the X-Wing’s body behind him, Hamill added with a laugh, “Well, I don’t know how he’ll react.”

Other jokes in the all-too brief blooper reel include Isaac speaking some sort of made up alien language after blowing a take; John Boyega and Kelly Tran getting blown away by set fans during their climactic battle scene; and Boyega having a “bio” heck of a time trying to say a very technical line.

But our favorite? Hamill notices his old targeting computer which, as everyone knows by now, he’s never needed thanks to the Force. Watch below!