Watch Mark Hamill talk non-disclosure agreements, try and figure out what he's hinting

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Dec 17, 2018, 5:00 PM EST (Updated)

There's a lot riding on the Force Awakens and, surprise, J.J. Abrams is all about that secrecy. LOST has been over for years, and he still hasn't said what's up with the smoke monster, man! The dude is a locked chest of secrets -- nerd secrets.

And nothing says secrets in 2015 quite like Luke Skywalker or, to be specific, the absence of Luke Skywalker in all the promo and marketing for Star Wars Episode VII.

You know who can't even talk about Luke? Mark Hamill. And he IS Luke Skywalker. Things are so secret right now that Hamill can't even say he's in the new Star Wars, even though literally everyone on Earth (and in space AND some dogs and lizards) knows he is. But he can talk about his non-disclosure agreement. That's our chance to stare at him and watch for the Morse code he's putting out as he blinks.


All right, so firstly, let's acknowledge that, technically, Mark Hamill doesn't reveal anything in this video. He only gets that fat NDA cash if he keeps the secret, and I certainly don't want to come between the man and his payday. That being said ... Luke's totally evil, right? Hamill telling that story about how the original line from Empire revealed Obi-Wan to be the bad guy could be a hint! What if Luke shows up in his Obi-Wan finery at the beginning, but later he's revealed to be the villain!

Look at his eyes, guys. That's what he's saying. I'm definitely not projecting right now, and you certainly shouldn't argue with me in the comments. That would just be silly.

(via Comic Book Movie)