Watch: Marvel’s Runaways in 2 minutes

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Matthew Funk
Nov 21, 2017

From a magic staff to a genetically engineered velociraptor with a septum piercing, it's humanly possible to find out everything you need to know about Marvel's The Runaways before binge-watching it on Hulu, even if you've never read the comic.


Things can get complicated when you're a superhero with supervillain parents who also happen to be your worst enemies. Watching them perform a human sacrifice is just the beginning. Turns out they're members of a crime syndicate known as the Pride. If you who have no idea what that means, think serial killer cultists, which explains the hooded red robes and occult paraphernalia — and that whole thing about six-fingered gods thirsting for human blood.

Created by Brian K. Vaughn (Y the Last Man, Saga) and Adrian Alphona (Uncanny X-Force, Miss Marvel), these (mostly) mutant teens spawned from magicians, mad scientists and aliens steal some insanely awesome magical weapons from their 'rents after realizing their otherworldly powers. You would swipe a magic staff or gloves that can throw fireballs too if you wanted to be the counterforce to the evil that begot you... even if it's something of a challenge to face off against an evil that answers to ancient horned things that look like they emerged from H.P. Lovecraft’s brains.  

Oh, and these gods don’t stop at blood. They also want to devour human souls so they can turn the planet into their idea of a utopia. Whatever that is; "dystopia" is probably more like it.

So who are these superpowered spawn? There may be nothing paranormal about child prodigy and mob boss progeny Alex Wilder, but he has serious strategic abilities. Nico Minoru is the daughter of dark wizards and can wield her wickedly cool staff to cast all sorts of spells — just never the same one twice. Flying alien Karolina Dean can absorb and project sunlight. Molly Hayes is not to be underestimated as the youngest, because she’s strong enough to lift an entire van over her head. Chase Stein technically has no powers, but the flame-thrower gloves he steals from his evil scientist dad more than make up for that. Victor is a cyborg (enough said) and Clara can talk to plants.

And the one with the velociraptor? That's Gertrude Yorkes. The dinosaur's name is Old Lace.

That bizarre things happen is an understatement. Someone gets killed and comes back, others almost die but make it out alive, and someone else gets killed but doesn't reanimate. You'll just have to watch Runaways on Hulu starting today to find out.


Additional material by Elizabeth Rayne.