Watch Marvel exec + Thor 2 stars help us make sense of that shocking twist

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Nov 11, 2013

The latest Marvel flick Thor: The Dark World lit up the box office this weekend, and definitely left fans wanting more after that shockingly cool finale. So, what did the stars think of that closing shot?

Spoilers ahead for Thor: The Dark World!

After seeing Loki seemingly die to save Thor’s life and protect Jane, we get a hint in the third act that he might’ve faked his death and found his way back to Asgard in the guise of an Asgardian soldier. 

But we weren’t sure of his fate until Thor and Odin share a nice chat at the end of the film, where he says some good things about Loki and tells his father he’s not ready to be king just yet — and that he believes Loki might’ve been better suited for the gig all along.

Then, just as all seems right with the world, Odin’s facade fades away to reveal that it’s Loki sitting on the throne, wearing an Odin suit via one of his magical tricks, and in apparent control of Asgard. So what comes next, and what the heck happened to Odin?

The stars and director of the film got together to offer up their thoughts, and there are definitely some varied opinions in the mix. But one thing's for sure: We definitely want to see where this would go in a third Thor film.

What did you think of the ending? A nice twist, or too much to leave hanging?

(Via MTV)

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