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Watch Marvel + LEGO's new Avengers-style animated series RIGHT NOW

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Nov 5, 2013

Not content to blow DC’s superheroes out of the water in the upcoming LEGO Movie, the toy company has teamed up with Marvel for an awesome new animated series. Want to see?

Dubbed LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload, the new 10-episode online series debuted today with the first five episodes rolling out online. The series stars a who’s who of Marvel’s roster, from Spider-Man to Wolverine to Captain America and the Hulk.

In a classic storyline that fans should be able to jump in on, the series follows Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as they duke it out with the trickster god Loki for the fate of the planet. The mini-sodes look to pull out a ton of great baddies from the rogue’s gallery, as well as play up S.H.I.E.L.D.’s role in the LEGO-verse.

Check out the first episode above, and keep an eye out for the final five episodes soon.

What’d you think of the series? Would you like to see this one become more than just an online project?

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